Paradise Valley Luxury Homes Market Overview

Paradise Valley Miki Nakajima August 4, 2023

The latest data up to July 2023 reveals an active and robust luxury home market, with intriguing insights for both buyers and sellers. Here's an in-depth look at the current scenario.

Graph showing the luxury home statistics for Paradise Valley, Arizona, including trends in sales ratio, median sales price, sale to list price ratio, and the most active price band from June 2022 to July 2023.

Paradise Valley Luxury Homes: Market Dynamics and Trends

The most recent statistics paint an encouraging picture of the single-family luxury market in Paradise Valley. The figures show that the market still heavily favors sellers, boasting a sales ratio of 34%. This indicates a larger pool of buyers compared to the available homes for sale.

Over the last 13 months, the number of sales has consistently risen, with 24 sales in June 2022, followed by an impressive 40 sales in June 2023. The median sales price holds firm at $4,300,000, highlighting a stable and appealing market. An interesting trend in 2023 is that sellers are receiving nearly their asking price, with the sale to list price ratio at a high of 97% for the luxury market.

The Most Active Price Band: $2,600,000-$2,799,999

Within the vibrant market of Paradise Valley, the price band between $2,600,000 and $2,799,999 is particularly lively. The sales ratio in this range has reached an astounding 250% of the listing inventory. Homes here are not only selling rapidly but also fetching top dollar. Potential buyers in this segment must be quick, decisive, and prepared to make substantial offers.

It should be noted that the statistics encompass active and sold properties but exclude pending ones. This means that additional homes in the pipeline might influence the market in the coming months.

Conclusion: A Strong Market for Buyers and Sellers

The luxury home statistics for Paradise Valley, Arizona, are indeed impressive. They reflect a strong and resilient market, offering exciting opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

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